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Our annual Christmas concert is always a much-anticipated highlight of the season, as much for the performers as it is for our audiences.  Singers from the Rocky Mount community have sometimes been invited to join us for a portion of the program.  On three occasions, students from Nash Central High School have participated in the performance. 

A free will offering in support of a local organization has been a tradition since our very first Christmas concert.  A total of $1442.88 was contributed at our 2022 performance and was given to the United Community Ministries for their Homeless Shelter.

One of the goals from our inception has been to increase awareness of and appreciation for choral singing.  Our concerts are free and open to the public.  As the home page of our website states: “Our mission is to share the love of music through outstanding choral concerts that provide significant artistic, educational, and entertaining experiences.”  

The paragraphs below are comments from the parent of one of the high school students who sang in our 2018 concert.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for the arts and the kids.  As I sat listening to this amazing concert tonight, I couldn't help but think what an awesome experience this was for the children to participate in.  I am sure that there are kids who are never exposed to classical music and orchestras, yet through this they are able to let their talent shine.  
Having the exposure to classical music, singing with an orchestra and an adult choir and participating in a location (especially a church :) ) that the acoustics make the voices and instruments magnify was incredible.  A couple of the things that my child commented on after practicing with the Chamber Choir was how much harder it was to sing with an orchestra and that the organ was amazing! This is coming from a child who has been exposed to this type of music all of her life...yet never really experienced it herself.
Thank you again for the time and efforts that took place to make this happen!"


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